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Getting to Know the 4 Incredible Authors of Horror Fiction

Horror fiction is a genre that falls under speculative fiction. This category aims to spark strong emotions from the readers, such as fear, disgust, shock, and others. It usually uses supernatural creatures, like the devil, vampires, etc. in order to frighten the readers and to add more flavor to the story. There are many characteristics of the horror genre but one major attribute of it is its ability to extract a response from the readers either emotionally, psychologically, or physically.

However, this genre is frequently confused or sometimes intersects with science fiction and fantasy because it sometimes uses science, like Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, and surreal elements, like Joe Hill’s The Fireman. Many readers turn into horror books in order to either live the horror experience or get entertained by the frightening stories. Since the longest of time, horror fiction has been widely consumed by readers because of its amazing power to evoke fear by only using words. So of you want to delve deeper into the world of horror, we have listed below some of the most renowned authors of horror fiction that you should check out!

Stephen King

Born on September 21, 1947 on Portland, Maine, Stephen Edwin King is the son of Donald Edwin King and Nellie Ruth. Stephen had seen a traumatic incident during his childhood — which is his little friend, got stuck and was later on killed by a train. He doesn’t remember the happening but his parents narrated it to him. Furthermore, he attended Durham Elementary School and Lisbon Falls High School. In college, he studied in the University of Maine and successfully acquired his bachelor’s degree in English.

As of the moment, Stephen King is one of the most popular horror fiction writers in the world. He also uses different pseudonyms, such as Richard Bachman, John Swithen, and Beryl Evans, aside from his birth name. Among his amazing works are Carrie, It, Pet Sematary, The Shining, If it Bleeds, Doctor Sleep, The Stand, Under the Dome, Finders Keepers, and more. He also received several awards for his contribution in literature through the magnificent books that he has written.

Joab Stieglitz

Warren, New Jersey is the birthplace of author Joab Stieglitz.It is also the place where he grew up but he is residing in Alexandria, Virginia as of the moment. Stieglitz also works as an application consultant apart from being an incredible author. His past jobs include being a software trainer, network engineer, project manager, and technical writer. Moreover, he is a certified tabletop role-playing game player and a game master of games in multiple genres, such as horror, fantasy, and more.

Joab’s love for tabletop RPG games and gaming experiences were put transformed into words and was added into his amazing book series called The Utgarda Series. The mentioned series is composed of three books, which are The Old Man’s Request, The Missing Medium, and The Other Realm. It has fallen into both adventure and horror fiction genres and is set in the 1920s. He also has a trilogy called The Thule Trilogy, which is still on progress but is currently consists of The Hunter in the Shadows and The Worlds I Know.

Shirley Jackson

Leslie and Geraldine Jackson are the parents of the remarkable horror and gothic author Shirley Hardie Jackson. Shirley was born in San Francisco, California on December 14, 1916. She went to Burlingame High School but transferred to Brighton High School because her family moved from California to New York. She also attended two different colleges: University of Rochester and Syracuse University. The reason she left the former is because she was unhappy but her gloominess was exchanged with excitement and joy when she transferred to the latter.

Jackson’s most popular horror literary work was The Haunting of Hill House, which revolve around a bunch of people partaking in a paranormal examination in an allegedly haunted mansion. The novel was definitely a success for it received several awards including the 1960 National Book Award nominee and the Best Fiction of 1959 from New York Times Book Review. The book was even adapted into film for multiple times.

Susan Hill

5th of February 1942 in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, the amazing author named Susan Hill was born. Hill’s interest in theatre and literature sparked when she went to Scarborough Convent School. In 1858, her family relocated to Coventry, England where her dad was employed in car and aircraft factories. She then attended Barr’s Hill School and took A levels in different subjects, including French, English, Latin, and others. Hill started to study in King’s college London to purse her English degree.

In the literary realm, Hill was among the most loved horror fiction writers. Her most notable novel was The Woman in Black, which is written with the use of the gothic style. The plot of the book centers on an English town that is being haunted by a ghost. The book was adapted into film 6 years after its publication.


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